Pain Relief

Give me 60 Minutes and I’ll Relieve or Eliminate your Pain and Stress , You’ll feel Better Than You Have in Months, Guaranteed!

Even if you’ve tried other methods with little or no results..

My name is Ray Miller I’m a certified massage therapist and pain relief Expert here in
Montclair NJ.  I have helped thousands of people from all walks of life relieve pain and
stress in their bodies.

But, This is not your typical massage..

I’m known by many to be the top massage therapist in Montclair NJ,

What I offer is a powerful session custom made for each client.

It’s NEVER a cookie cutter session.

Here’s Some common ailments that I’ve treated effectively:

– Frozen shoulder

– Neck pain/Whiplash

– Lower Back pain

– Migraines/headaches

– Sciatica/low back pain

– Tingling in the arms and hands

I also treat stress and anxiety, with a comprehensive, Stress and Anxiety relief session

If you have any doubts please see my testimonial page.

If you want  a premium massage in Montclair NJ, please contact me today.

For an appointment simply call (973) 655 0002

I Look Forward to meeting you!