Stress Management: The Dangers of Chronic Stress

Everyone has stress. Job, relationships, kids, traffic, health problems, and on and on;
It’s part of life in the 21st century.It’s impossible to avoid.

It’s CHRONIC STRESS that we want to manage and avoid (if possible).

So what is chronic stress?

You may have heard of fight or flight, the mechanism that’s activated when we’re confronted with a dangerous situation, is there only for survival purposes. normally After the incident that created this response (near car accident, fire alarm going off etc.) is over the, body returns to a normal state of functioning and there are no ill effects on our health..

That’s under normal conditions….

chronic stress, where the body is a constant state of emergency. in this environment the body has elevated levels hormones like cortisol, that
eventually break down the body. Particularly the immune system, leaving it susceptible to all types of illness including Heat Disease, Diabetes
and Weight Gain, specifically, dangerous belly fat.

In fact after awhile the body has a hard time shutting down the excessive cortisol production. it becomes a natural state of being
and the person suffering with chronic stress isn’t even aware of the state they have been walking around in and what it’s doing to their health.

Never mind what it does to your muscular system! That’s another topic….

That’s why it’s common after a massage session like the ultimate stress buster my clients will say I had no idea how bad I was feeling before….

The best thing to do if your suffering from chronic stress is to get on the path of restoration. you need to get on a program that interrupts this destructive behavior pattern and restore the body to it’s natural state, so that it can heal and return to functioning at an optimal level of health and well being.

I’ve been developing and perfecting a system that does this for years It includes that uses 7 different massage techniques heat, aromatherapy among many other techniques that will restore your body and have you feeling better than you have in years.

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And remember:

It’s not what you do once and a while it’s what you consistently that makes real a difference.